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Your wedding, your son's brit, the first visit in Israel .. Your sweetest memories.. All of those are recorded on video cassettes, 8mm reels, slides and other media Did you know that with time they vanish? All information stored on magnetic strip fades with time Dust, scratches, temperature they are all ruin your memories You must save them before it's too late! And that's where we're getting into the picture.. FlashBack Media Converting convert's video cassettes, audio cassettes, 8mm reels etc, We'll convert all of your old media into an exceptional quality DVD's and computer files .. FlashBack Media Converting has many years of experience in the fields of audio & video conversion. FlashBack Media Converting uses the most advance technology and insure you the highest quality. We do not use VHS to DVD recorders! All media is being digitize (digital sampling and coding) directly to the computer At flashback media converting you can receive the following services: Convert VHS and all other video cassette to DVD and computer files Convert 8mm films and 16 mm to DVD And computer files Convert Audio tapes, audio reels and vinyl records to CD and computer files Scan slides, negatives, and photos to dvd and computer files

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